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Amalgam Removal


Many people are asking to have their amalgam fillings removed. NZDA policy is that dental amalgam which contains mercury is safe and there is no reason to undergo its removal for toxicity reasons. There are, however, anecdotal cases where patients have made significant health improvements following the removal of their amalgam fillings.
Other considerations include:
- Visual appeal amalgam fillings are usually black and teeth are white.
­­- If your teeth have fillings that are around 50% of the tooth structure, particularly when the filling runs from one side of the tooth through the middle to the opposite side, then your tooth is significantly weakened. These teeth should be restored with bonded porcelain or gold. Clearly, porcelain is tooth coloured and gold is gold. Smaller fillings can usually be replaced with composite resin satisfactorily.
If you wish to have your amalgam fillings removed, we are happy to help you. At your comprehensive new patient examination we assess which of your teeth are heavily filled and at risk of stress fractures. These teeth can then be restored as part of your dental program. This is a good thing to do even if you are not concerned about amalgam.


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