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Graham Shaw is a founding member of the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (NZACD) and regularly attends continuing education for cosmetic dentistry. He is very experienced in this field, and you can be confident that your case will be carefully planned and discussed with you to achieve the results you desire.

Good cosmetics can only be done with meticulous planning and assessment. This takes time, and effort. Don't be lured by cheap fast-fix options.

Priority should be given to preserving your natural tooth structure for the future, and on avoiding complications from cutting teeth heavily to correct crowded or out of line teeth.

Veneers, crowns, bridges and implants and whitening are all routine cosmetic options at Jervois Dental.

Please view the photo gallery for cases completed by Graham Shaw. Photo Gallery. Pictures speak louder than words. Also, please read the testimonials from some of our patients. Testimonials. These are unedited and unguided. Because word of mouth is considered the best form of advertising, these testimonials are aimed at providing you with the recommendation you may well be looking for to visit us.


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