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Q. How often should I go to the dentist?
A. Most patients need to see the hygienist every six months and examinations, with x-rays, with the dentist every twelve months.This enables us to detect any problems that may be present while they are still minor and can be easily corrected at minimal cost. We also recommend a full mouth panaoramic x-ray every 5 years.
Q. I’m very nervous about visiting the dentist – can you help?
A. YES! Phobic and anxious patients it’s OK to be scared of having dental treatment. But don’t use fear as an excuse to not have work done. It can be managed so easily by having sedation, and your anxiety disappears, so you can cope with your dental work.
Q. I gag easily, it’s embarrassing and makes dental procedures almost impossible, what can I do?
A. Many people are embarrassed that they gag easily, and find it difficult to cope with instruments and water in their mouths when we work. This is a common problem, and nothing to be ashamed of. With sedation, gagging patients can overcome these difficulties. I have patients who have been unable to have dental treatment until they came to me and had work done with sedation.
Q. My dentist said I need to replace my old fillings, why?
A. These will probably be silver mercury amalgam (grey/black fillings). While they once served very well over time they break down at the junction between the filling and the tooth allowing bacteria to get in and cause new decay. These old type fillings are made of metal and expand and contract with change of temperature ranging from hot coffee to cold ice-cream at a greater rate than tooth structure. This can lead to sensitive teeth and cracks in teeth. We have tooth coloured filling materials that have similar physical properties to tooth material and are cosmetically pleasing to the eye. By replacing these fillings you will not only be improving your dental health but you will also improve the cosmetic appearance of your mouth.
Q. I’m pregnant – should I still visit the dentist for treatment?
A. Pregnancy can be a demanding time on your body – teeth included! Yes, you should definitely maintain your regular visits and ensure your teeth are kept as healthy as possible throughout your pregnancy. It is very important to keep your gums healthy during pregnancy. However, you must advise your dentist that you are pregnant before receiving any treatment as there will be some procedures that are not advisable during this time.
Q. I know I need a lot of work done but I find it hard to find the time to get all my treatment completed, can I speed up my visits?
A. For patients who require a lot of work, we commonly allocate a day just for them. By utilising sedation, and CEREC, we can often complete their entire treatment plan in one day. The alternative is multiple return visits which can disrupt their busy schedules even more.

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