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"As a formerly reluctant and anxious dental patient I have had a complete reversal of attitude after receiving treatment at Jervois Dental. I began replacing my old black fillings with white ceramic inlays one by one but then took the plunge to have a day of treatment under sedation to do the bulk of them. Having already had the sedation to remove wisdom teeth I knew how truly pleasant the experience would be .. and I never thought I would be using pleasant and dental treatment in the same breath. The biggest change for me was not feeling anxious and panicky in the days leading up to the treatment knowing I would be unaware of the procedures while not feeling heavily anaesthetised. There were no side affects and pretty much immediately after being woken up I was raring to go. I have recommended to quite a few people needing two or more teeth done that they consider the option of having it done at the same time under sedation especially if they are at all nervous."
Claire Watson.

"Graham, thanks so much for sorting out my teeth in such a painless and efficient manner. As you know, I have a hatred for dentists, going back to school days (the murder house!!!) Your strategy of getting it all done in one hit by sedating me worked really well, and dare I say it, was worth every cent. I don't think I could have gone through it otherwise. I now look forward to being able to eat steaks and sweet corn for at least the next 20years !!!
Thanks, and please thank your lovely staff as well."

Steve Fabris.

"As an ex School Dental Nurse, I am extremely conscious of teeth -- my own and the teeth of others. As I have grown older I disliked the way my front teeth had become discoloured, worn and chipped with stained fillings in between. I considered porcelain veneers for ages but was worried they might turn out horsey like, too white and look unnatural.

After a full discussion and explanation of the process with Graham I felt confident to go ahead, especially when he reassured me my veneers would look natural and he would be able to realign my teeth slightly to be a little less prominent.

The process took three appointments of 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours each with minimum discomfort and I am thrilled with the end result.

I get many comments from friends and family on how natural they look and my smile is transformed giving me increased confidence in my appearance.

Graham is a highly skilled and excellent operator, is caring, informative and takes pride in his work and I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic dentistry."
Yvonne Wilkie.

testimonial smile is transformed giving me increased confidence in my appearance...

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